WELCOME . . . to the Western Intertie Network, or the WIN System as we like to call it. 
There are a lot of fine groups out there, and we appreciate your interest in the WIN System.

The WIN System is a series of 71 linked, or Intertied repeaters, most are 440, or UHF repeaters, but we have some 2-meter and 220 repeaters as well, that cover a great deal of California, 16 States, and four Countries around the world.  The WIN System is owned and operated by Shorty, K6JSI, with a lot of help from the faithful WIN System membership.

The WIN System is an OPEN Repeater system.  It is not a Closed or a Private system.
We like to call it a ‘member supported’ system.  We encourage all hams to stop in and get acquainted.  However it is the membership that keeps the WIN System ‘on the air.’  Membership is open to any licensed amateur radio operator who wants to get involved with a growing, vibrant group, on the leading edge of technology.


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