To begin with, the WIN System is a non-profit, membership supported, linked UHF repeater system.  All licensed amateur radio operators are invited to join.  Our system continuously changes, as technology changes, and as the needs and desires of the membership change.  Our main interests, or goals, on the WIN System are:

  • To have a dependable, top quality, wide area coverage system to communicate with other WIN System members, with the best sounding audio possible.

  • Wide area linking, using dedicated full-duplex radio links, again with crystal clear audio.

  • Operating and enjoying our Remote Bases, IRLP, and other WIN System Toys.


You will find the WIN System to be a very friendly and helpful group.  We are a very
social collection of hams, and we plan socials and events so that non-amateur family members can be included and feel welcome.  We are definitely family oriented, and to us, the WIN System is very much our “extended family.”    

You will find folks of all ages, in all sorts of professions, with an enormous variety of interests and hobbies.  You will hear many interesting discussions, and most likely a great deal of humor amongst
the members.  We believe in enjoying our ham radio hobby to the fullest,
and the WIN System is our way of doing just that.

Our repeaters are “on link” full time, meaning that they are all inter-connected,
or Inter-tied together.  Any repeater can be controlled from any other repeater down the link. 

As far as the WIN System Toys go, the WIN System has Remote Bases located at our Palomar Mountain (San Diego) and Frazier Mountain (Bakersfield) Sites.  They each have six bands available, 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters, 220 MHz, 440 MHz, and 1200 MHz. 

The WIN System also has the IRLP, or the Internet Radio
inking Project.  This allows the WIN SYSTEM to connect to over 1,500 Nodes throughout the world.  These Nodes are connected to repeaters, and we talk with hams literally around the world, on our handie-talkies.  And, there are new Nodes popping up all over.

The WIN System has a breakfast every month in Anaheim in Southern California, and in San Leandro in Northern California.  It is held the second Saturday of every month, at 9:00 AM.  You do not have to be a WIN System member or even an amateur radio operator to join us.  We also have other socials throughout the year, and all are planned with the family in mind.

Check out our Events page for the latest upcomming gatherings.

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